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Ervin Prepares For a Woodblock Print

by Belinda

Today Ervin took some photos of my shadow for a woodblock he is working on. First we went to pick up Erma from the Woollen Mills Museum exhibition where she had been doing a spot of modelling. I have an interesting relationship with Erma. I'll do a blog post on her sometime. I took this pic because of the way he's holding her!

Back in the studio he used Erma to help him set up for the shoot. She is much more patient than me.

Here he is telling me the angles and the pose. The light source is his digital projector, hence the blue light, and there are lots of other light sources and secondary shadows, but he is only interested in the shape.

I'll post some more as this print proceeds. But in the meantime, here is Erma looking elegant. He took this photo. I wonder what he'll do with it.

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